Pro Hair

Have the hairstyle of your dreams, with hair extensions that lasts for up to 3 months and WON’T HARM YOUR NATURAL HAIR!

  • ProHairTM Extensions are considered a strand by strand method of extensions and are free flowing on the head. As a result, your hair can be pulled back, worn up or down.
  • ProHairTM Extensions are perfect for people with active lifestyles!
  • ProHairTM Fiber Extensions work with all hair types and textures. ProHair TM is truly multi-cultural!

Body, color, texture and volume are the most frequent requests heard by hairstylists each day (apart from the haircut of course!) ProHairTM Extensions are a great chemical free solution for genuine body, color, texture and volume. Best of all ProHairTM Extensions WON’T HARM YOUR NATURAL HAIR when applied by a trained hairstylist!


Unlike other extension systems, when ProHairTM Fiber Extensions are applied without glue, waxes, special compounds or other adhesives and do not require sewing, weaving or tension! ProHairTM Extensions are painless when applied and are easily removed without the use of solvents, leaving your hair in the BEST possible condition! Pro-hair cost between $250-$500.

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